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Rent a holiday home near Alicante in Spain?

Between Alicante and Benidorm in Spain, you will find Villajoyosa - a very charming and well kept secret.
If you are going to rent a holiday home in Spain, you should consider renting one or more of our 5 apartments - located in one holiday home. How about renting a holiday home located on the very promenade of Villajoyosa, where you have the Mediterranean as your closest neighbor? All apartments have fantastic location and views.
The town is known for its white beaches - and for the characteristic colorful houses along the boardwalk. The story says that the fishermen painted their houses in the same color as their boats, so they could recognize their house when they came in from the sea. More idyllic than this is hard to get, if you are going to rent a holiday home in Spain.
Renting holiday homes in Spain?
How about renting one or more of our 5 apartments near Alicante - all located in the same house on the seafront of Villajoyosa. The apartments have wi-fi, air conditioning, TV and good other amenities. Read more about our holiday apartments here.
Villajoyosa has 300 days of summer every year
With 320 days of sunshine a year and minimal rainfall, the area is said to have the best climate in Spain and Europe. Here you will find a "warm, Norwegian summer" throughout spring and autumn. Villajoyosa is located on the Costa Blanca in Spain, between Alicante (30 km) and Benidorm (10 km).

All our apartments are located in one - of many - colorful holiday homes along the seafront in the old town of Villajoyosa. To the pride of the locals, the beach is EU approved and is one of the finest in Spain. It is lovely and clean - and is a dream for everyone. The area is also very child friendly.
Are you going to rent a holiday home or apartment in Spain, then you cannot choose a better place than Villajoyosa!
In Villajoyosa you will meet a calm and friendly atmosphere
The small town has little tourist industry and has retained its typical Spanish character.
The town is welcoming residents from the Alicante area and visitors from Spain elsewhere - where they rent their holiday homes and apartments.

Villajoyosa offers a low pulse and originality - and has retained peace and quietness.
Villajoyosa has many nice restaurants!
If you are going to rent a holiday home or apartment near Alicante, Villajoyosa has plenty of alternatives to offer. You will discover many nice restaurants and bars along the promenade of Villajoyosa. At most bars, you can enjoy what may be Spain's favourite - a good selection of tapas - as well as refreshments, drinks, beer and wine.

Discos and nightlife sparkle with their absence in Villajoyosa - but should you be tempted, you will find this in the big city of Benidorm (15 minutes away by taxi).