Villajoyosa is peaceful and original

The most distinctive about Villajoyosa is the colorful houses along the seafront.
History tells that the fishermen painted the houses with the same color as their boats,
to see which house was theirs – from the sea.
Villajoyosa has also maintained its peacefulness - which is easy to find for yourself, too.


Month Day Temperature Humidity
January 16 67
February 17 64
March 19 64
April 20 62
May 23 65
June 27 64
July 30 64
August 30 67
September 28 67
October 24 68
November 20 67
Desember 17 66


Villajoyosa is located between Alicante (30 km) and Benidorm (10 km) on the Costa Blanca.
The apartments are located in one of the colorful houses on the first line along the seafront in the old town.
The area is very child-friendly.

Restaurants and nightlife

There are many nice restaurants and bars along the seafront of Villajoyosa.
At most bars you can enjoy small dishes, "Tapas", beer and wine.
Disco and nightlife can be found in the city of Benidorm (15 minutes by taxi).


On the Costa Blanca and in the area around Villajoyosa, there are a variety of activities you can take part in - which make your stay even more colorful. Here you will find a list of different activities in the area, and you can read more about everything you can do here.

  • The beach
  • Park
  • Boating
  • Yacht club
  • Market
  • Chocolate Factory
  • Mountain Villages
  • Bicycle
  • City Festival
  • Shopping
  • Tourist Office

See activities here.
  • Football
  • City Museum
  • Family Parks
  • Golf
  • Hiking in the area
  • Training base, bicycle team
  • "Norwegian" wine shop
  • Gokart
  • Zoos
  • Hot springs and spa