How to book an apartment

After sending us a request by mail, AND RENTAL PERIOD AND PRICE ARE AGREED, the apartment is booked in your name.
Then our Villajoyosa broker sends a contract to be signed, and a deposit is to be transferred to the broker's account. This is deducted from the rent, but is not refundable on cancellation.
For monthly rentals, the first month's rent is to be payed before arrival. Remaining months are payable on departure. Broker must have the passport number (the person who orders) to complete booking.
You will receive keys to the apartment from our regular taxi driver or our broker - by appointment.
All information regarding contract, payment, keys, washing, shipping etc. will be sent directly to you from our broker.

How do I get to Villajoyosa?

The address is Carrer Arsenal 27, La Vila Joyosa
Fly to Alicante Airport with Norwegian, SAS, Ryanair or several other airlines.

Taxi from Alicante Airport to Villajoyosa. Approximately 60 Euro.

NB! Upon request, our regular taxi driver can pick you up at the airport and bring you to the apartment in Villajoyosa. In these cases, we need to have the flight number forwarded, the expected arrival time and the number of adults and children - when flights are booked.

The taxi driver can also be booked for other excursions and the return to the airport.
The closest taxi stop in Villajoyosa is outside Cafè Valor in the main street.

The local trains take you to all the small villages from Alicante to Denia.

The bus connections are good. The bus stop in Villajoyosa is located at Valor in the main street.

The easiest way is to rent a car at the airport. All international car rental companies are represented. Please bring a valid certificate.

For how long can I rent?

The apartments are rented per week, per weekend or per month.
For detailed prices, see each apartment.

From November 1 to March 1: from 400 - 500 Euro per week.

From 1 March to 31 October: from 500 - 600 Euro per week.

July and August: from 600 - 700 Euro per week.

For up to 3 days, the weekly rate minus 20% is paid.
For 4-7 days a weekly price is paid.

Only in mid-season: from 460 - 640 Euro per month.

What's not included?

Cleaning of the apartment is not included in the rental price and is to be carried out by a cleaning company brokered by the local realtor in Villajoyosa.
Final cleaning includes: washing of apartment, washing of a set of sheets and a towel per person.

Price for washing apartment 1-4: 75 Euro.
Price for washing apartment 5: 95 Euro.

A supplement is paid for water and electricity on monthly rent.

Norwegian TV channels can be ordered for a supplement of 40 euros.
It is the same price whether you rent 1 week or 1 month.


Weekly rentals and long term rentals require a security deposit. Here are the prices.

On weekly rentals over 1200 euros, the deposit is 500 euros.
On weekly rentals up to 1200 euros, the deposit is 250 euros.
Security deposit is to be payed within 3 days after signing.
The balance is to be payed within 40 days prior to arrival.

For a monthly rental, a 2 months rental period is preferred. One month's rent is payable in security deposit.
Security deposit is to be payed within 3 days after signing.
The balance is to be payed within 40 days prior to arrival.