Privacy policy

We are concerned that you, as a user of our services, understand how we handle the data we collect about you, and that this privacy statement explains what data we collect, how we do it and what we use the data for.
Personal information is data and assessments that can be linked to an individual. It can be, for example, name, place of residence, telephone number, e-mail address and IP address, or a combination of these that makes it possible to estimate which person is behind the data.
All use of personal data is considered as processing of personal data, such as collection, registration, compilation, storage and disclosure or a combination of these. The processing of personal data is regulated by the Personal Data Act.
Villajoyosa is responsible for processing personal data that is processed in connection with the use of our services and products, and personal data we collect and process for the purpose set out below. The fact that Villajoyosa is responsible for processing primarily means that it is Villajoyosa who has responsibilities and obligations under the Personal Data Act.
If Villajoyosa chooses another company that is responsible for processing personal data, ie data about you, then we call it a data processor. In cases where we use data processors, we must ensure that we have entered into data processor agreements that regulate how the data processor can process data that is made available. The standard for this is that the agreement with the data processor may only process personal data on Villajoyosa's behalf and for clearly defined purposes, as the personal data processing regulations require.
Cookies are used on our website
Cookies, also known as cookies, are used on this site. This is a general cookie info that this site uses, what information is processed, the purpose of the processing, and who processes the information.
Cookies are small pieces of information stored by your browser on your machine. If you open another browser on your machine, the same cookies will not be transferred there.
Google Analytics
This is a very common analysis tool for analyzing user behavior on a website. Google Analytics is a Google service that lets you see the number of visitors, pageviews, traffic sources, length of visit, geographic location and much more. To store usage patterns and visitors information, Google Analytics uses five different cookies. These cookies are:
__utma: Stored for 2 years from last visit.
__utmb: Stored for 30 min from last visit.
__utmc: Stored until the browser closes.
__utmz: Stored for 6 months from last visit.
__utmv: Stored for 2 years from last visit.
_ga: Stored for 2 years from last visit.
Users and traffic statistics are most often used and used in aggregate form, so the statistics do not contain any kind of information that can be directly linked to you as an identified person.
It is completely possible to turn off cookies in your browser. But be aware that many websites will not work optimally.
You can read about making cookie-related settings on your own browser pages:
Internet Explorer
You can delete cookies
You can delete cookies from your browser's settings. If you do not change your cookie settings, they will be re-created the next time you access a website that uses them.
How do we collect information from you?
Most of the data is generated when you use some of our services. Examples of this may be; page views and information about your device (PC, mobile, tablet).
1. Information you yourself share with us
When you use a form, you will enter some data that is stored with us. This information is stored in our databases, because we will be able to respond to your contact request.
2. Information collected through use of the Services
When you use our services, we will record that information about what services you use and how you use them (through cookies). We do this because we then have the opportunity to improve the user experience, service content, prevent fraud and adapt content and ads to your usage and interest patterns.
3. Information from other sources
We receive information from other sources, such as ad networks, customers, targeting tools, or other third parties, to help us or them understand user patterns, your preferences, or generally to improve the services we offer to better suit your needs and interests.
How do we use the information we have gathered about you?
All personal information we collect is to understand and improve our services and products so that you get the best user experience on our sites.
Villajoyosa is constantly working to provide you with the best possible experience of our services available at all times. In order to do so, we use, among other things, personal information we have collected.
To execute the agreement with you and make the services work best
Villajoyosa processes personal information and other forms of data to provide the services agreed with you. We also use data to ensure the best user experience for you, customizing the content view of your screen, and fastest page loading.
For statistics and to understand market trends
We compile statistics and survey market trends to improve and further develop our websites.
To personalize services - services specifically tailored to you
We want to give you the opportunity to get tailor-made content and customizations. We do this by using data about your user behavior, preferences or other available information. This can tell us something about your needs and desires, so that we can, for example, give you recommendations on content or services based on what you have read or bought. We can also make recommendations based on what other users with similar usage patterns have read to you.
Information about marketing in email and sms
If you have an active customer relationship with Villajoyosa, we may send you email marketing or other electronic communication methods within the scope of the Marketing Act, unless you have requested otherwise. If you do not have an active customer relationship with us, we will only send such marketing if you have given us explicit and informed consent.
How is this information shared?
We will never share, sell or disseminate personal information in any way other than as described in this privacy statement.
In some cases, we share information with partners who use the information to convey targeted content and / or offers through their services. We will then enter into agreements that restrict access to the use of the information and establish obligations to comply with applicable privacy laws.
If it is suspected that there has been a criminal offense in connection with the use of services, the information may be disclosed to public authorities upon request.
Correction and deletion of personal data
It is important that the information we have collected about you is accurate and up to date. If you find any errors, we encourage you to contact us so that the information can be corrected. You can also contact us if you want the information to be deleted.
We will not store personal data for longer than is necessary to fulfill the purpose of the processing and statutory obligations we have, for example in accordance with accounting law.
Changes to the Privacy Statement
We may periodically update the privacy statement of Villajoyosa's services to reflect any changes to the Sites. When we update the privacy statement, the new statement will be published on the websites 14 days before the changes are implemented. We will inform you about the changes in the services concerned.
If you have any questions about the Privacy Statement, please contact us here: